Real Estate boot Camp

You rely on the internet for new leads and to maintain client relationships

Modern real estate businesses rely heavily on internet marketing in 2017. This is particularly true when running a real estate business catering to non-residents in the Costa del Sol. Your clients are not visiting your office on a regular basis and many real estate businesses do not even have an office.

Why do your internet marketing in-house.

1. Cost

Outsourcing your internet marketing is expensive and this will cut into your bottom line. Many real estate businesses go through lean times and what happens – they stop paying for marketing when they should be investing more in getting new clients. If you have internet marketing skills yourself you can work harder in lean times on your marketing to ensure future results.

2. Flexibility

Whoever you hire to do your internet marketing they are going to have other clients. This means you are going to sometimes be waiting for your chosen company to finish work for their other clients before doing the work you are paying them to do. The market moves fast  – can you really afford to wait to promote a great new property listings to your clients while your internet marketing company is working on other projects.

3. It is easy when you know how

Many companies try to add an air of mystery to what is a very simple process. Successful businesses can be built by simply doing the basics very well and this is what we teach you. Internet marketing is not technical and in this day and age every small business needs to understand internet marketing in order to grow.

4. You are in control

Monitoring the effectiveness of your internet marketing is vital to the success of any  marketing activity. Unless you understand and can clearly see which parts of your internet marketing activity are working you cannot focus on those areas. Measuring, analyzing and constantly adapting to changing circumstances are some of the strategies we teach you to stay at the top of your game. Many companies having wasted fortunes on ineffective activities with so-called internet marketing companies.

What you will learn

  1. Building your website and keeping it up to date. – You will learn how to build from scratch a complete WordPress website. The software is free and hosting can cost as little as 20 Euros a year. With the skills we teach you you can develop of as many websites as you like and complete maintenance on your own saving time and money. We can teach most of what you need to know to build and maintain your real estate website. We also show you how to find ultra high quality services for custom programming and professional graphic design. We aim to make you more flexible and save you thousands of euros on professional web work. We also offer you the opportunity to do an advanced course integrating Resales-Online multi-listing system.
  2.  Email Marketing with MailChimp™ – We aim to save you money every step of the way and help you maximize your lead generation. MailChimp™ is a on-line email marketing system which is absolutely free for up to 2000 clients. MailChimp is also the most simple system to use. We show you how to get you clients signed up on your website by building forms that input straight your you list. We teach you how to send your clients details of the exact types of properties they are interested in ie if you client is interested in a one bed in Fuengirola and you send them just those listings not 5 bed bed villas in Marbella and farmhouses in Coin. We show you how to professionally build your list, increase sales and minimize unsubscribes.
  3. Social Media – Love it or hate it Social media is not going away. With 50% of U.K. adults using Social Media to research the products and services the chances are your potential clients are using some social media site to look for their new home in Spain. We show how to build profiles and create posts that help your company sell more property. We cover both highly targeted paid advertising and free posting strategies.
  4. Search Engine Optimisation. (SEO) Although not as importnat as it once was and certainly not as simple S.E.O is still vital. We show you simple strategies to help you compete against companies spending thousands on S.E.O. Our strategies are tested for the real estate market we help you optimize your website and gain rank for key search terms.
  5. Customer Relationship Management (C.R.M) – Keeping up to date with all your sales activity is vital and new products integrating email marketing, inquiries and sales progression very simple. C.R.M means you can keep all the information about your companies activity with you all the time accessing it on your tablet of phone. This powerful tool will enable you mange your business anywhere in the world and we show you the best ways of using this system for increased productivity and efficiency.
  6. Paid Advertising –Many companies shy away from paid advertising believing that someone could easily run up heavy bills by constantly clicking on their ad. The truth is paid advertising is extremely effective but you must monitor and understand how it works in order to not waste money. We show you easy strategies for success with paid internet advertising.
  7. Analytics – Many companies avoid studying their Google Analytics accounts and this is the biggest mistake companies make. Understanding analytics is a vital skill. If you do not know where your leads are coming from you cannot spend you time and money effectively. Many time real estate agents invest in companies that give them hundreds of leads that result in zero sales. If you can quickly identify the marketing activity that yields the most leads and business you can change and adapt using you time and advertising budget in the most cost effective way.
  8. Video – YouTube is second only to Google in the number of searches it gets on a daily basis. We cover uploading and creating short property videos using your phone or home video camera. Many real estate shy away from video believing unless the product is slick and professional looking it will not help them sell. Nothing could be further from the truth people want information about about property and want to see the real thing and nothing is more effect than a short video.
  9. Content –The internet adage “Content is king”has never been more true with more and more quality information published each year and more people looking for information online to make buying decisions. We show you how to use eBooks, blogs, web pages and email content to make sure the content your potential clients are looking for is produced by your company.
  10. Outsourcing-We know there are specialist skills that take years to master such as graphic design and programming. We know that although the vast majority of you internet marketing is simple you will occasionally need professional help. We show you how to find programmers etc at an affordable price and how to spec the work you need doing.

Course Plan

The course is carried out over 5 days Monday to Friday and a revison 2 days after 3 weeks of working on you internet marketing skills. Total 7 days

Revision Interactive Videos

Simple Training offers unlimited free use of a complete interactive simulation of the entire course. This is so you can go through any of the course anytime day or night and reinforce your learning.

Course Date

The course can be arranged in-house at your company at anytime by arrangement. Our next open public course is 3rd April 2017 at Andulucia Labs, Elviria, Marbella,Spain. Book before 28th Feb and the cost is €650.

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