Individual Training

Individual training has several advantages.

  1. You can have the course tailored to your exact requirements i.e. specifically targeted at your business.
  2. We work around your timetable we can train you anywhere there is an internet connection and time of day.

  3. The cost is not a great deal more than taking a course.

Some of the courses we can run on an individual basis:

  • Producing and marketing your own book on Amazon.
  • Building your own website
  • Marketing your business online.
  • Building your Real Estate website
  • Learn email marketing using a free MailChimp account.
  • Search engine optimization for WordPress.
  • Measuring you website performance with Google Analytics.
  • Internet advertising with Google Adwords.
  • Using social media and much more….

Tell us what you need to learn and we will prepare a course for you.


Let’s talk about your training requirements?