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Why does my company need Internet Training

In 2018 the more skills you have: the ability to change your website, use internet marketing and social media the more efficient you can be in your business. More and more marketing and day to day management are now done online, and learning relevant skills can save money and time for you and your employees.

The skills we teach

Email Marketing
Still the most cost-effective form of marketing on the internet. Appropriately done it is cheap and highly effective poorly implemented it will annoy and lose you customers. We show you how to use highly efficient free software to manage your campaigns.
Social Media
With 50% of adults using social media this form of promotion and interaction with your potential customers and existing customers is vital. You could be losing thousands a year on ineffective strategies in this area. This medium is only going to grow in influence.
Web Site Marketing
We specialise in helping you keep your WordPress site up to date and give you the tools to perform basic marketing for your site.If your site is out of date it tells the world your company is not doing very well. Train your staff in this simple skill.

How we work

Individual Training
We initially offer one on one training last around three hours. The training is usually done at home or in the office. We customise the experience to the individual client and their level of expertise and speed of learning.
Online Revision and Practise
We offer all our material online in our exclusive interactive courses. Access is given to all staff members who have attended the initial training. You or your staff can practise the material 24-7.
Strategy consultation and Support
We offer to help your company develop a marketing strategy with the training your staff has received. We offer ongoing telephone or email support based on your requirements.
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